How can one not love you?
How can one not love you?

How can one not love you?

5 films
105 min
Original language
Ukrainian, Russian

About the collection

“How can one not love you?" — five stories about a hometown. Kyiv is more than a background here, but a character. People are leaving it and returning to it, here they fall in love, hang out, glaze their balconies and spend a lot of time in the subway. A city that is impossible to endure — and impossible not to love.

On the occasion of the City Day, Takflix presents a selection of iconic films about Kyiv from young directors. “How can one not love you?" includes three winning films of the Odessa Film Festival: “In joy, and only in joy” by Marina Roschina, “The Nail” by Fіlіp Sotnichenko and “Goodbye Golovin” by Mathieu Grimard, as well as ironic animation “petrivka_requiem” by Kate Voznytsya and documentary hit “Enter through the balcony” by Roman Blazhan.

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