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Maryna Stepanska
2019 year
10 min
Original language
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Short description of the plot without spoilers

On a typical morning in Lviv, the family gathers for breakfast, and it turns out that misfortune has occurred: the eldest daughter appears in the frame in another color correction. She tragically does not match the bright background or other characters, she feels desaturated.

Desaturated is a visual comedy about overcoming cliches in cinema and life. A desaturated girl tries to get her color back, until she meets someone who changes her view of herself and the world around her.

50% of ticket sales will be donated to the association of independent filmmaker #BABYLON'13 and will be used to support the urgent needs of filmmakers fighting on the front lines.

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Dara Vinarska
важкувато доходить до мене:)
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Web Xpress
Гарна робота. Мені сподобалось!=)
Alla Skorokhod
Важко повірити, що тут був лише один коментар. Та цей фільм зробив мій вечір! Дякую всім авторкам та авторам за вашу роботу! Буду радити цей фільм всім своїм друзям, всім, хто знається на порушенні публічного настрою))))