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The Diviners

Roman Bordun
2019 year
urbanism, kyiv
58 min
Original language
Ukrainian, Russian
Ukrainian, Russian, English, Romanian


Short description of the plot without spoilers

The main characters of the film are the inhabitants of the contemporary Ukrainian cities of Kyiv, Odesa, and Lviv. Their reality is multi-layered, unvarnished, deprived of unambiguous interpretations of good and evil, humanity and cruelty, charity and indifference. This story is a kaleidoscope, which features all of us: the righteous, the merciless, the funny, the naïve. The honest.

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TAKFLIX audience reviews on this film
Вета Чикалова
дякую за можливість знов подивитись на життя
Найкращий докустріт фільм евер!
Profile picture for user rebrend2303@gmail.com
Ксенiя Rebrend
Це схоже на те, як у мене їде дах...
Profile picture for user jakefinnmail
Jake Finn
Good film! Weird film!
Profile picture for user ju.gonchar@gmail.com
Julia Gonchar
дуже хороши
Profile picture for user gabriel.karpechenkov@gmail.com
Gabriel Merist
В кожного своя яккас історія ! Дякую за документалку
Profile picture for user nadia.poterukha@gmail.com
Nadia Poterukha
I never saw nothing more true! Excellent documentary for those who know. The author is incredibly talented!!! THANK YOU! Hope there will be more.
Шикарна документалка, дякую!